What if your phone could be your camera?

Your phone can be your camera and if you follow some essential tips, with surprisingly good results. Taking photos with a Camera phone is no different from using any other kind of digital camera. The rules to apply are mostly the same, and the skills needed are no different.

Capturing blue hour cityscapes

Cityscapes, buildings, and monuments can get a completely different look depending on the time of day we choose to photograph. After sunset when artificial light takes over ambient light, but the sky still keeps some color and light, it's the moment some call the blue hour and it's one of my favorite times of the day to photograph.

Sunset at Graça Viewpoint

It's a popular gathering spot for sunset for a good reason. With a balcony facing west and overlooking Lisbon downtown, the Castle close by and the cool bar for drinks nearby.

Portraits: How to approach strangers in the street

Approaching people in the street and stop them for a portrait can be quite intimidating, or for some basically terrifying. I was probably one of the guys at the terrified club, but along the years,  with practice, it slowly has become way easier. Here are my 3 tips

Join us for our Airbnb Experiences

Early this year we started hosting Photowalks through the Airbnb platform. These are small walks, up to 3 hours, with basic and very practical tuition in photography and focus on the historic Lisbon neighbourhoods.

The Easter Photowalk in Cacilhas

Last Saturday we had our monthly walk. Cacilhas was the chosen spot, and despite the Easter weekend we managed to have a really nice and happy group to walk from Cacilhas to Quinta da Arealva on the riverside, just under Cristo Rei Statue. The meeting point was set to Cais do Sodré in Lisbon

O meu saco de material

O que levo na mala para fotografar num PhotoWalk de fotografia noturna e longas exposições? Quem me conhece sabe que o minimalismo não é o meu forte no que diz respeito a escolher material para uma determinada sessão. Para um PhotoWalk…

The Mouraria's Photo Walk

Last Sunday we went to Mouraria on a Photo Walk. Those are the picture taken and selected by the 11 years old Lourenço Silva using is Iphone 5s. I would say, sometimes less is more. Enjoy! Photos: Lourenço Silva - @lourencosilva608

Walk to Cristo Rei

The Walk starts at Cais Sodré, in Lisbon. After a short boat crossing to the south bank, we will walk by the margins and through old riverside buildings all the way up to the iconic Statue. After the visit, we'll return using a different…